How to Buy Cheap Universal Studios Japan Tickets [2019]

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There are many travel agencies that sell Universal Studios Japan (USJ) tickets. But be wary… USJ can nullify tickets sold from unauthorized sellers.

A scam warning from Universal Studios Japan website.
A scam warning from the Universal Studios Japan website.

Some scammed visitors…

In this article, I am going to list down only the authorized resellers to get your Universal Studios Japan tickets from, without getting ripped-off.

How much is Universal Studios Japan Ticket?

TypeAges 12+Ages 4-11Ages 65+
1. Prices may differ depending on the date.
2. The Universal Express Pass is a separate park ticket that allows you to skip the long lines to ride the popular attractions.
1-Day Studio Pass¥7,400
(or 66 USD)
(or 46 USD)
(or 60 USD)
1.5-Day Studio Pass¥12,300
(or 110 USD)
(or 75 USD)
2-Day Studio Pass¥14,700
(or 132 USD)
(or 89 USD)
Universal Express Pass 7¥15,400
(or 138 USD)
Universal Express Pass 7 with Space Fantasy Ride¥16,800
(or 150 USD)
Universal Express Pass 4¥9,700
(or 87 USD)
Universal Express Pass 4 with Space Fantasy Ride¥11,800
(or 106 USD)
Universal Express Pass 3¥7,800
(or 70 USD)

Why you shouldn’t buy tickets at the gates?

Because it’s the worst option. The park opens between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. And a pool of people will usually be in line as early as 7 a.m. just to buy the tickets.

I was surprised that in a country where everyone is perpetually connected to the internet, so many still rely on ticket booths. So, since the ticket booths are out of the equation, where should you buy your USJ tickets?

Or perhaps a better question may be: Where can you buy Universal Studios Japan tickets in advance?

Let’s dive in!

Compare Options to Buy Universal Studios Japan Tickets for 2019

 VoyaginKlook JTBLawson
PolicyNonrefundableNonrefundable7 days priorNonrefundable
FlexibilityValid for 3-6 monthsValid for 3-6 months-Must on the date printed
Price starts from¥7,400

1. Voyagin


Voyagin[1] was the first travel agency website to offer Universal Studios Japan tickets online. They are an official seller and recognized by Universal Studios Japan. In fact, you can buy all types of Universal Studios Japan tickets from their booking website, such as Studio Pass, Express Pass, and VIP Wristband.

Since buying USJ tickets almost always require Japanese language skills, Voyagin serves as arbitrator between foreign customers and USJ. To ease your worries, you can also check the USJ website and check that Voyagin is on their list of Official Sellers. So, yes, they are a legitimate park ticket seller.

Even more discount if you use their coupon code:

Coupon is valid until Oct. 31, 2019
HALLOWEEN1010 USD OFF of 150 USD minimum spend
HALLOWEEN2525 USD OFF of 300 USD minimum spend
HALLOWEEN4040 USD OFF of 450 USD minimum spend

Voyagin logo

Price: ¥7,400

What We Like

 Save with their seasonal coupon code.*
Phone & Chat Support.
Excellent Customer Service.
Specializes in Japan Tours and Experiences.
Flexible Ticket.
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.

What We Don’t Like

Price varies in USD.

2. JTB (booked via Veltra)

This is perhaps the best deal for families who are looking for a Universal Studios Japan tour package from Tokyo.

JTB is also an official seller of USJ tickets as it is a subsidiary of JTB Corporation[2], which is the largest Japanese travel agency in Japan.

Their Universal Studios Japan Package includes:

  • A round-trip bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka
  • Hotel accommodation
  • 1-day Studio Pass

Price: ¥ 27,700 – ¥35,200

What We Like

Includes bullet train to and from Tokyo, hotel, and USJ Studio Pass ticket.
Specializes in Japan Tours and Experiences.
Great Customer Service.
Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo.

What We Don’t Like

May be pricey.

3. Klook

Klook is another official seller of USJ tickets. Similar to Voyagin, Klook is a travel concierge startup company based in Hong Kong. They also have a mobile app with a nice interface to easily book any tours or tickets from them. The downside with Klook:  If you encounter any problems with your ticket, they don’t have immediate phone support. This can pose quite an inconvenience to some should problems arise during or after the booking process.

Klook Logo

Price: ¥7,400

What We Like

Better value on your currency rate.
Specializes in Asian Tours (SG and HK).
Headquarters: Hong Kong.
Flexible Ticket.

What We Don’t Like

Email or Chat Support Only.
Beware of their reputation on Trustpilot.

4. Lawson Convenience Stores

See that red machine inside? That’s the Loppi Machine.

If you are already in Japan, you can get your tickets from the LOPPI machines at any Lawson Convenience store, which are nearly as plentiful as 7-Elevens in Japan. The LOPPI machine has an English option, but halfway through you might find some complications like the L-code.

Here’s the website that will show you how to do it. If you are still confused, you can always ask help from a Lawson staff. The only thing you need to consider before purchasing from the LOPPI machine is that the ticket is not flexible. Meaning, you must use the ticket on the date printed.

Lawson logo

Price: ¥7,400

What We Like

Plenty of Lawson’s stores in Japan.

What We Don’t Like

 Non-Flexible Ticket: You MUST visit on the date you entered on the machine.
 LOPPI Machine is in Japanese only. You can read this guide for instructions.

5. Official Website of USJ

It is always a better option to book directly with the official website of Universal Studios Japan. That’s because you won’t have to deal with service fees of travel agencies. In addition, when you pay using your credit card, you’ll be charged with the fair amount of your bank’s currency exchange, which always has a better rate. But the biggest caveat here is the booking page is all in Japanese and will require help from a Japanese friend.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Strategy Route for Universal Studios Japan

I can only recommend two ways to get your tickets:

  1. From an Authorized online travel agency: either Voyagin, Klook, or JTB (booked via Veltra). Or,
  2. Universal Studios Japan official website.

If you lack Japanese skills or don’t have a set schedule, definitely go with Voyagin or Klook. They provide flexible tickets where it’s valid for 3-6 months from the date of purchase.

Personally, I got my USJ tickets from Voyagin.

If you are also getting Express Pass tickets, it’s better to use the Voyagin or Klook websites.

Lawson is okay. But keep in mind: You must go on the date printed on the ticket.

Ultimately, it’s really up to you which you find convenient booking your own. Once you’ve bought your tickets, I also recommend reading my complete guide to Universal Studios Japan, Osaka.

Read my Ultimate First-Timer’s Guide To Universal Studios Japan, to learn more about Express Pass tickets.

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  1. Hi , we are a family of 4 trying to go on Xmas day 2019 and want express pass also, prob the Express Pass 4 that you mentioned you like the best. So if I understand correctly I can buy regular ticket now, then add express pass when they are released? Is that correct? I see that dates are only listed until Dec 5 right now. Do you know how often they release dates? What would you recommend that we do? Wait or buy the “regular” ticket now? This is very confusing to us. Thank you

    • Hi Mary, you can certainly buy the Studio Pass now and just buy the Express Pass tickets once they become available. Good luck going during Christmas! 😀

  2. Do you know if someone who doesn’t live in Japan purchase off the USJ website? When I go to pay, from what I can see, is that it only allows me to enter a Japanese address.

    • This is why I don’t generally recommend getting your tickets through the USJ website. Last time I heard, it only accepts Japanese credit card. It’s still much better to buy it from Voyagin or Klook.

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