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Hey! We’re Ada & Eric, the bloggers of Sightsee & Sushi.

Our focus is to help first-time travelers and fellow foreigners temporarily assigned to Japan explore the country, not just the right way but the “better and smarter” way. And by this, we mean we help you to get the BEST deals to maximize your experience.

Our blog focuses on carefully-curated tours and experiences, attractions, restaurants, and unique activities in Japan, all while not sacrificing comfort.

We also share our lesser-known detour destinations with all of you!

About Guada Wilkinson

Ada is an award-winning travel blogger and photographer from the Philippines. Ada was a frustrated traveler at heart who only experienced “real travel” after graduating from college.

She loves writing travel guides which are her forte. She started Sightsee & Sushi along with her husband in 2018, where she is the “Sightsee” side of the team doing most of the research about new areas to explore in Japan.

Ada is also a Japan Travel Advisor and a Certified Japan Travel Specialist.

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About Eric Wilkinson

Eric joined the US Navy in 2006, as a way to travel the world, but with the ultimate goal of living in Japan. That wish came true in 2009 and was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream which took root from the first time he watched Dragonball as a child.

Before meeting his wife, Eric had never considered blogging, or even writing in general, as a hobby or occupation, and was only focused on his military career. That all changed when his wife started asking him to edit some articles for her to make it sound “more American,” which is where he found he enjoyed writing more than his chosen career.

He is the “Sushi” side of Sightsee and Sushi, due to his passion for food and finding hidden family-operated restaurants.

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About our little Dora

You may see our little one occasionally pop-up in our blog posts, but that’s because she’s a part of it! Now three years old, her favorite pastimes seem to be running around everywhere we go, picking up as many rocks as she can fit into her pockets, and playing at every playground she finds!

Dora has nothing to post yet, but she will soon 😀

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