Finding the Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

Starbucks in Meguro

For a culture known for its tea, the popularity of coffee has begun to surge in Japan and many specialty cafes have started to pop-up everywhere. Now, anyone living in Japan knows that coffee is certainly a popular drink and is a mainstay of every convenience store and vending machines. And while a bottle of … Read more

Japan Vacation: Every Cost You Need to Know

How much does it cost to travel to Japan for 2 weeks

Key Point Summary: Plan to spend around US$350-US$1,500 per person per day on your trip to Japan. A 2-week vacation to Japan costs around US$5,000 per person. A 10-day vacation to Japan costs around US$3,500 per person. A 1-week vacation costs around US$2,450 per person. A round trip flight ticket from the U.S. to Japan … Read more