7 Ways to Buy Discount Robot Restaurant tickets (Compare and Save)

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Want to see the Robot Restaurant show in Tokyo at a discounted price?

Then you’re in the right place.

In fact, I only listed credible travel agencies to buy your robot restaurant tickets from.

Robot Restaurant Ticket Price

The walk-in price to watch the Robot Restaurant show for 2019 is 8,000 yen (or 72 USD) per person, but the price is heavily discounted when you book online.

Best Travel Agencies To Book Your Robot Restaurant Tickets for 2019 (Comparison Table)

CompanyDiscountCancellation PolicyPrice
Expedia25% Off4 days prior. Check Price »
GetYourGuideNone.1 day prior. Check Price »
JAPANiCAN25% Off1 day prior. Check Price »
Klook34% OffNo cancellations. Nonrefundable. Check Price »
Viator25% Off7 days prior. Check Price »
Voyagin34% Off2 days prior. Check Price »

How to Buy Tickets for Robot Restaurant Show

Here are the 7 ways to buy heavily discounted tickets for the Robot Restaurant show in Tokyo:

1. Voyagin

Voyagin is a direct-seller and an official partner of Robot Restaurant.

Dazzling lasers, crazy decor, robots, dancers, and only-in-Japan madness. Book now for up to 34% off the ticket and a free gift! Front row seats also bookable only with Voyagin.

Voyagin offers two (2) ticket options that are massively discounted:

  • The 3:10 p.m. show is 34% off.
  • The 4:45 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. shows  are 21% off.

Voyagin Ticket Price for Robot Restaurant Show

And only Voyagin offers an Exclusive VIP seat upgrade on top of your ticket:

VIP Add-on for Robot Restaurant
Price varies depending on the date.

In fact:

We got our tickets from Voyagin and we’re very happy we did.

The booking was very easy and was finalized quickly.

VOYAGIN: 34% Off & Save Extra With Coupon Codes

Top-notch customer service.
Instant booking.
Save extra with coupon codes below.
Exclusive VIP seat upgrade to the 1st-row seat.
Photo-op with the robots!
Robot Restaurant bottle-opener gift.
Free cancellation.
Food and drink not included but available for purchase inside.

Book Here »

Voyagin Sakura Spring Sale for 2019!

Valid from Feb 11 – March 31, 2019

Get 10 USD OFF
minimum spend of 150 USD
Get 25 USD OFF
minimum spend of 300 USD
Get 40 USD OFF
minimum spend of 450 USD

2. Klook

Klook offers the cheapest discount Robot Restaurant tickets.

But you only get the basics.

The cheapest Robot Restaurant Tickets on Klook

The caveat when booking with Klook:

  • They only sell the first performance show, 3:10 p.m.
  • No cancellation and non-refundable.

So only book with Klook if you can manage the risk.

And have a solid plan of watching the Robot Restaurant show while visiting Tokyo.

KLOOK: 34% Off

Chat support only.
Cheapest ticket.
Photo-Op with the robots!
 One (1) surprise souvenir.
 More ticket options serve with food (bento) and drink!
Can only book for the first performance.
No cancellation.

Book Here »


JAPANiCAN is the online booking site of JTB, the largest travel agency in Japan.

They are very popular with both foreign and domestic tourists booking for bullet train tickets.

Their Robot Restaurant ticket prices are straightforward:

JAPANiCAN Robot Restaurant Tickets

Just like Voyagin, the First performance show is also cheaper.

JAPANiCAN: 25% Off

English phone support is available.
Instant booking.
One (1) nail clipper souvenir.
Cancellation can be made 1 day prior.
Food and drink not included but available for purchase inside.

Book Here »

4. Viator

Viator is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor with a focus on United States destinations.

Viator Robot Restaurant Ticket
Their Robot Restaurant ticket price is similar to Japanican.

The First Show is the cheapest and the Evening ones are a couple of cents cheaper:

Viator Early Show for the Robot Restaurant

Also, here’s Viator’s cancellation policy:

If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

VIATOR: 25% Off

Easy to book.
Cancellation can be made 7 days prior.
Food and drink not included but available inside.
No freebie or souvenir.
No chat or phone support.

Book Here »

5. GuideYourGuide

UPDATE: GetYourGuide no longer sells discounted Robot Restaurant ticket.

GetYourGuide Robot Restaurant
As of 7 Feb 2019, GetYourGuide is not selling discounted Robot Restaurant tickets.

GetYourGuide is another travel concierge platform similar to the websites mentioned above.

But with a focus on European destinations.

If you have an account with them and a promo code, they might be your better option.

They have a very flexible cancellation policy for the Robot Restaurant show.

Used to sell Robot Restaurants tickets up to 20% Off.

Easy to book.
Flexible cancellation policy.
Food and drink not included but available inside.

Book Here »

6. Expedia

Use your Expedia account for exclusive deals when booking.

Expedia has great features if you’re a member.

If you have points, use it to book your tickets for the Robot Restaurant and save extra.

EXPEDIA: 25% Off + Save Extra For Members

Easy to book.
Free cancellation 4 days prior to your trip.
 Expedia members: Save extra by using your collected points!
Food and drink not included but available inside.

Book Here »

7. Metropolis Magazine

Obviously, not a website.

But you can find a discount coupon hidden inside the magazine.

You can get either a 1,000 or a 2,000 JPY off discount.

Cut it out and show it to the ticket reception when you arrive.

Metropolis magazine is free. And you can find them at the airport or your hotel.

This link will show you where to find free Metropolis magazines.

Note: One discount coupon is limited to one person. If there are 2 or more of you watching the show, you’d better grab more than one magazine.


 Free magazine.
No credit card or online transaction needed.
You must call the Robot Restaurant by yourself to make reservations.

Verdict: The Best Discounted (Or Cheapest) Robot Restaurant Ticket

Which one is the cheapest?

It all depends on what you need. However, alcohol would probably be very helpful to fully enjoy the show! The cheapest choice with a drink would be Klook. The caveat with Klook being that all bookings are final, and no cancellation and/or refunds can be made. Which then leaves you with the next best option — Voyagin, which can be canceled 2 days prior.

When it comes to flexibility though – like booking cancellation, you might be better off with JAPANiCAN or GetYourGuide, as they offer full refunds, even with cancellations 1 day prior.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the first show at 4 p.m. is usually much cheaper. So, you might want to consider that when making your final decision.

Final Tips

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo Anthony Bourdain
In Memory of Anthony Bourdain.
  1. Avoid buying your tickets at the door full price. You can book the next day through those travel agencies. Your wallet will thank you.
  2. I highly recommend Voyagin for this particular Tokyo activity. For us, they’re the most reputable travel agency to buy the tickets.
  3. Don’t be confused if each travel agency showed different time schedules. They’re all the same honestly and just wants you to stop from being late. The exact show times are 16:00, 17:55, 19:50, and 21:45 and the show last for 90 minutes.
  4. Arrive 50 minutes in advance. That’s because you need to check-in your reserved E-ticket and exchange it for the official ticket to enter. In addition, the show is actually in a separate building than where you actually present your reserved tickets.
  5. Avoid being late. Robot Restaurant management is very strict about this rule. And your tickets cannot be refunded.
  6. Arrive with a full stomach, empty bladder, and with a reasonable amount of alcohol in your system (not very drunk)! Alcohol would probably be helpful to fully enjoy the show. 😀 Drinks and snacks inside are unreasonably expensive. Their bento box is 1,000-1,500 yen each.
  7. Know the dress code and etiquette. No sunglasses, very drunk customers (I said reasonable right?), attention-grabbing outfits, or large wigs.
  8. The Robot Restaurant is in Kabukicho an entertainment and a red light district. But don’t be afraid to explore the area after the show. It’s safe. Wander around and be distracted by many Asian massage parlors, nightclubs, and bars blatantly advertised everywhere in the area.
  9. Enjoy the crazy show! Or read my husband’s honest review of the Robot Restaurant before you go.

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