Best Japan Tour Companies FOR 2022 Travel

Now let’s talk about visiting Japan on a tour package or escorted tour — what is a good travel agency to use that is worth your money? What are the things to consider before booking your Japan tour package?

Which the tour company provides the best Japan package tours?

A reader’s email asked a wonderful question: “Which tour company do you think provides the best Japan vacation package tours?” This is a tricky question because each has different focus and specialties (i.e. luxury, family, active, off-the-beaten path, foodies, etc.) and it also depends on which destinations you want to visit.

After digging into many online marketplaces for multi-day Japan tours, we’ve finally narrowed down our answers to a few different ones and turned it into this helpful guide. The tours in this guide are carefully-curated from TourRadar. We decided on using TourRadar as they’re the most trusted online marketplace for third-party tour operators offering multi-day packages to Japan. However, TourRadar has over 230 Japan package tours to choose from!

As we dig through, we quickly realized that not all tour providers specialize in Japan experiences. It may show Gold or Platinum badge on their profile, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good for you. That’s is why we’ve created this article–we did the work for you. We only listed trusted providers with impeccable service history and solid Japan itineraries, prioritized agencies utilizing local guides, and categorized them based on your preferences all in one page. This is meant to save you the headache of having 15 windows open to compare tours against one another.

Tips before you book your Japan tour package

1. Decide on how many days you want to travel to Japan. If you were to ask us how many days you should visit Japan, a solid number would be 14-days.

Two weeks should give you enough time to adjust to the time zone and explore some of the major sights of Tokyo. I would also try and stick mostly within the Greater Tokyo area to experience modern metropolitan Japan and go to the Kansai area for cultural preserves and Japanese historical landmarks.

Depending on how in-depth you want your tour to be, you could visit almost every prefecture in Japan within 14 days with a JR Pass, but you wouldn’t be able to spend much time in each. So to create a meaningful and memorable Japan experience, I suggest picking a few areas and sticking to them. After all, you’re in Japan to enjoy yourself, not to spend most of your trip traveling to a new location.

2. Before you book your flight, check the tour availability first. To keep the cost low, most of the tour packages to Japan are NOT all-inclusive. So you’d have to book the flights on your own. Ideally, you’d have to book the package tour first before booking your flight.

3. Find flight deals to Japan. If you’re from North America, use Google Flights and look for the dates with the cheapest roundtrip flights. Now, if you’re from other parts, like Asia or Europe, you might get better flight deals from Skyscanner, because Skyscanner focuses on flights to the Asia-Pacific region.

TIP: Add extra days after your tour. For example, you booked a tour package for 10 days. Don’t just stay in Japan for those days and just end your experience there. Instead, try to extend your stay in Japan for around 3 or more days, and explore some parts perhaps not covered by your tour.

4. Know your Japan travel goal. How would you like to discover Japan? What type of accommodation do you need? Are you a culture buff looking to see sumo, kabuki theater, or experience a tea ceremony? Are you traveling alone or with your family?

Choose the package tour according to your profile and your preference.

Join the tour that interests you and caters to your needs, NOT just because you see a lot of reviews for it.

If this is your first time in Japan, we highly recommend that you read our Japan packing list article as well.

Japan tour companies that are now accepting bookings for 2022

Japan Tour Package Olympics 2020

For those of you looking to travel to Japan during the Olympics (July 24th – August 9th, 2020), you’re in luck. These travel companies are now accepting reservations for next year!

While you may be traveling here for the games, don’t limit yourself to them. This may be your one opportunity to visit Japan, so make the most of it.

Of this list, as a companion to our Tokyo 2020 Hotel Guide. And, like hotels in that guide, these tours are likely to increase their prices as we draw closer to the games. So be sure to book early to avoid the inflated prices.

Here are some package tours to Japan that are now accepting bookings for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

1. Japan One Life Adventures 10 Days

A great option, particularly if you’re looking for a small group tour, which offers a lot of bang for your buck. This tour begins in Tokyo, where you’ll sightsee, make sushi, and be entertained at the infamous Robot Restaurant.

Working your way southeast you’ll experience a traditional Japanese temple stay in beautiful Takayama, then travel to Kyoto to explore the Bamboo Forest, Golden Pavilion, and practice Kendo. Your tour ends in Japan’s kitchen, Osaka, where you’ll be treated to a food tour of the city and end with a night of Karaoke!

Click here to view price and availability

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (3 days)
  2. Hakone (1 day)
  3. Takayama (1 day)
  4. Kyoto (4 days)
  5. Osaka (1 day)

2. Japan One Life Adventures 14 Days

This tour offers much of the same experiences as its 10-day counterpart, listed above, but continues on from Osaka. After your night of karaoke, you’ll wake to explore Osaka on your own, then meet back up with the guides in the evening to visit Osaka castle and enjoy a Shinsekai dinner.

The following day you’ll travel to Nara, to visit the temples and feed the local deer, then make your way to the heart of the mountain, Koyasan, for another overnight stay in a traditional temple. Your tour will then take you to Hiroshima to visit the Peace Park and end on Miyajima Island.

Click here to view price and availability

Destination itinerary summary:

  • Tokyo (3 days)
  • Hakone (1 day)
  • Takayama (1 day)
  • Kyoto (4 days)
  • Osaka (1 day)
  • Nara (1 day)
  • Mount Koya / Koyasan (1 day)
  • Hiroshima (1 day)
  • Miyajima (1 day)

3. Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage 5 Days

In my opinion, there is no better activity in Japan than hiking through the thousands of mountains that make up the island. It’s wholly unique and needs to be experienced to understand, and this tour is a great way to do just that. Beginning in Kii-Tanabe, you’ll meet up with your guide for a filling Japanese dinner (you’ll need the energy) and safety brief.

The hike will take you across the northern mountains through Yunomine, Nachi, and Koguchi, and will end in Kumano. You’ll visit various shrines, onsens, temples, and mountain villages all along the way, and see sights rarely seen by even the local Japanese. So pack light, and strap on your boots for a trip of a lifetime!

NOTE: The trails are moderate to hard in difficulty but are very long. It’s recommended that you are physically fit to attempt this tour.

Click here to view price and availability

Destination itinerary summary:

  • 5-day Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Hike

4. Hokkaido Tranquil Summer 8 Days

Taking place on the lesser-known northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido, this tour takes you on a road trip across this magical island to see its rolling hills, serene lakes, and towering mountains. Starting in the capital city of Sapporo, you’ll meet up with your guides at the airport, then, after being escorted to your hotel, you can spend the rest of the evening touring Japan’s 5th largest city.

The next day you’ll travel to Shikisai no Oka, where you’ll find expansive views of the patchwork landscapes of flowers and herbs. Over the next few days, you’ll visit the Kurodake Ropeway, multiple onsens, Lake Mashu (The clearest lake in the world), and witness Ban’ei horse racing. This tour is perfect for those looking to see a different side of Japan, and relax in some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations imaginable.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Sapporo
  2. Biei
  3. Furano
  4. Sounkyo
  5. Abashiri
  6. Shiretoko National Park
  7. Lake Mashu-Ko
  8. Akan National Park

5. Nakasendo Hike 4 Days

Everything I said about hiking in Japan in the previous tour applies here as well. There truly isn’t a better way to experience Japan in my opinion. In this hiking tour, you’ll begin in either Tokyo or Kyoto (depending on where you arrive) where you’ll travel to Nakatsugawa via the shinkansen (bullet train).

Here you will relax and eat a hearty dinner, then stroll through the town in a yukata. From here the tour will take you on a trail through the mountains, which will take you through bamboo forests, small mountain villages, onsens, and shrines. Again, hikes like this reveal a much more traditional side of Japan rarely seen and is guaranteed to leave you longing to return.

Destination itinerary summary:

  • 4-day Nakasend Hike

Best 7-Day Japan Tour Packages

Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine in Japan

In my opinion, a 7-day tour is actually a really good length for a structured tour, as long as your actual time in Japan is over 7-days. There are many reasons for this but the biggest is jet lag.

The same can be said for all the tours on the list, but I find it’s best to have time before and after the tour to both adjust to the time difference and relax before leaving, and a 7-day tour usually fits into almost any itinerary.

Here are our recommended 7-day package tours to Japan:

1. Japan Highlights by Intrepid Travel

Just as the name suggests, this tour takes you from Tokyo to Kyoto and hits as many tourist hotspots as possible on the way. In the modern cityscape of Tokyo, you’ll explore Asakusa and the famous Senso-ji temple, then take a cruise down the Sumida river and see many of the most famous landmarks of this megacity.

From Tokyo, you’ll head to the quiet town of Kamakura to visit the Great Buddha statue. Your trip ends in Kyoto where you’ll have the opportunity to visit more shrines, temples, and pavilions than you’ll know what to do with.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Kamakura (2 days)
  3. Kyoto (3 days)

2. Essential Japan by Europamundo

Much like nearly every tour on this list, this one begins in Tokyo where you’ll see the sights and take in a bit of nightlife as well. This tour also includes a visit to the famed Akihabara (Akiba), which should satisfy the otakus among you.

You’ll also travel to Kawaguchiko to take in views of Mt. Fuji and visit Iyashi no Sato Nemba before moving on to Kyoto and Osaka, where you’ll take in the incredible culture of both Japanese heritage and culinary arts.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko (2 days)
  3. Kyoto (2 days)
  4. Nara and Osaka (1 day)

3. Discover Japan by Hanatour USA (6-Day)

This is a 6-day tour package. Beginning by meeting you at the airport, you’ll travel to the hotel and have dinner before traveling to Kyoto the following morning. In Kyoto, you’ll get an up-close look at Japanese culture with activities ranging from museums to temple tours.

Walk down the streets of Gion and watch the Geisha and Maiko travel between tea houses while you take in the sights of Kyoto’s nightlife. After your fill of temples and shrines, you’ll head to Osaka and visit Nara, a town filled with deer, then eat till you drop while wandering through Osaka’s Dotonbori!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (1 day)
  2. Kyoto (3 days)
  3. Nara (1 day)
  4. Osaka (1 day)

4. Japanese Essential Golden Route by Hanatour USA

If culture and history is your thing, this tour might just be for you. While all the tours here let you experience Japanese culture in one way or another, this one focuses on World Heritage shrines, temples, castles, and gardens, as well as seeing some of the more out of the way locations, such as Hakone.

A highlight of this tour is the Lake Ashi Cruise and Hakone Ropeway, giving you some incredible photo opportunities.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Hakone (1 day)
  3. Kyoto (3 days)
  4. Nara (1 day)

5. Golden Route of Japan by Japan Deluxe Tour

Unlike most of these tours, this one actually begins in Kyoto and ends in Tokyo, and it works out pretty well as if gives you more time to explore Tokyo than you otherwise would have. The start of the tour, however, hits a big highlight for me, Todaiji Temple in Nara, which holds the Guinness World Record as the largest wooden building.

From there you’ll move on to the Golden Pavilion and have lunch with a Maiko (Geisha apprentice). On your way to Tokyo, you’ll stop off in Hakone to enjoy Japan’s first-ever open-air museum, and explore this mountain town before ending in Tokyo, where you’ll be given plenty of time to explore and sightsee.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Osaka (1 day)
  2. Nara (1 day)
  3. Kyoto (1 day)
  4. Hakone (1 day)
  5. Tokyo (3 days)

Best 10-Day Japan Tour Packages

Japan Tour Package 10 Days
Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

A 10-day tour has many of the same advantages as a 7-day tour, but without having to feel rushed at each attraction. You can use those extra days to either spend more time in fewer destinations or simply join a tour with more destinations.

Here are our recommended 10-day package tours to Japan:

1. Essential Japan by Intrepid

This tour will have you traveling all over Japan as you visit some of the most popular cities and cultural sites in the country. Beginning in Tokyo you’ll visit some lesser-known attractions like Yoyogi park and the Gotokuji Cat Temple.

You’ll then travel to Kanazawa via the bullet train, and visit the 17th-century gardens, Kenroku-en, and beautifully preserved Samurai and Geisha districts. From the historic and serene Kanazawa, you’ll visit Kyoto and Hiroshima, before ending your tour in Japan’s kitchen, Osaka!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Kanazawa (2 days)
  3. Kyoto (2 days)
  4. Hiroshima (2 days)
  5. Osaka (2 days)

2. 10 Days by One Life Adventure

Kyoto is the focus of this tour as you’ll spend 3 days exploring the many cultural landmarks throughout this historic city. Before that though, you’ll spend some time in Tokyo learning to make your very own sushi, then travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site in Takayama for an overnight in a traditional temple.

Your tour will end with a bang as you visit Osaka for a food tour and a night of karaoke!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (3 days)
  2. Hakone (1 day)
  3. Takayama (1 day)
  4. Kyoto (4 days)
  5. Osaka (1 day)

3. Timeless Japan by Cosmos

With an emphasis on cultural landmarks, this tour hits all the normal cities you’ll find in most tours, but focuses on the traditional and cultural over the modern and contemporary.

During this tour, you’ll take in glorious views of Mt. Fuji, and explore places such as Lake Ashi, Nijo Castle, the Golden Pavilion, the Pure Water Temple, Koraku-en Gardens, and the Peace Park. Needless to say, this tour should more than satisfy any culture buffs among you!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Kamakura and Hakone (1 day)
  3. Kyoto (2 days)
  4. Hiroshima (2 days)
  5. Okayama (1 day)
  6. Osaka (2 days)

4. Japan Discovery by Costsaver

Of all the 10-day tours this is probably the closest to what I’d consider a “typical tourist” tour, and that’s not a bad thing. The advantage of this tour is that its sort of a sampler platter of the many sides of Japan, so you can experience a little of everything.

You get the popular sightseeing spots and modernity of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Hakone for some nature, Kyoto for a cultural experience, Hiroshima for history, and Osaka for cuisine. So you really can’t go wrong with this choice.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (3 days)
  2. Hakone (1 day)
  3. Kyoto (3 days)
  4. Hiroshima (1 day)
  5. Himeji (1 day)
  6. Osaka (1 day)

5. Discover Japan by Globus

Unlike other tours on this list, this one only hits two major cities, the rest being small towns (by Japanese standards) and villages, and that’s what really makes this one stand out to me. This tour will take you to Lake Kawaguchi to view Mt. Fuji, then to the mountain towns of Matsumoto and Takayama, to visit castles, temples, and other historic venues.

You’ll also visit Shirakawa and Kanazawa to see the incredible gardens and take part in a gold leaf class to make a custom bento box! The tour concludes in Kyoto, where the modern and traditional clash and mix to create something wholly new and original.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko (1 day)
  3. Matsumoto (1 day)
  4. Takayama (1 day)
  5. Shirakawa (1 day)
  6. Kanazawa (1 day)
  7. Kyoto (3 days)

Best 14-Day Japan Tour Packages

Japan Tour Package 14 days
Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima

Best for those who either have a lot of time to spend in Japan or who just want to take all of the guesswork out of their itinerary. A tour of this length really allows for an easy pace and a lot of sightseeing.

As these tours generally cover much of what the shorter tours do — I can only describe Tokyo sightseeing so many ways before becoming repetitive — I’ll try and keep the summaries to what sets them apart.

Here are our recommended 14-day (2 weeks) package tours to Japan:

1. Ancient and Modern Japan by Exodus Travels

Japan is a culture of juxtaposition. On one hand, fully embracing modern technology and pushing cities to their limits, on the other holding tight to tradition and the culture that makes their people so unique and incredible.

This tour seeks to highlight this by taking you through the cities and cultural sites which bring the past to life, and wrapping it all up with your time spent in Tokyo, possibly the most modern and high tech city on the planet.

From relaxing at a traditional tea ceremony in a zen garden to rocking your best rendition of ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ at a high-tech karaoke bar in Tokyo, see all Japan has to offer during this amazing experience.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Kyoto (2 days)
  2. Nara (1 day)
  3. Kyoto again (1 day)
  4. Hiroshima (1 day)
  5. Takayama (2 days)
  6. Nakasendo Trail (1 day)
  7. Matsumoto (1 day)
  8. Snow Monkey (1 day)
  9. Choose between Hakone or Kamakura (1 day)
  10. Tokyo (3 days)

2. Japan Discovered by Unique Japan Tours

Your tour begins and ends in Tokyo as you make a loop around the main island and visit the cities, rural towns, and villages that makeup Japan. After sightseeing around Tokyo you’ll visit Nagano to see Zenkouji temple before relaxing in a hot spring bath at your ryokan.

Then travel to Matsumoto where you’ll take a short hike to see a large troop of snow monkeys enjoy their very own hot springs before traveling to Takayama, Gokayama, and Kanazawa. The second half of your tour will take you through Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, and Hakone before bringing you back to Tokyo for a farewell dinner!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Nagano (1 day)
  3. Snow Monkey (1 day)
  4. Takayama (1 day)
  5. Gokayama & Kanazawa (1 day)
  6. Kyoto (3 days)
  7. Hiroshima & Miyajima (1 day)
  8. Hakone (2 days)
  9. Back to Tokyo (2 days)

3. Japan Discovery by Tomato Travel

Beginning in Osaka, you’ll work your way east to Tokyo. Along the way you’ll feed deer in Nara, walk through the Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, visit a Samurai’s House in Kanazawa, visit Old Town in Takayama, view incredible Ukiyo-e paintings in Nagano, walk through a 1,400 year old temple in Masumoto, take in the view of the majestic Mt. Fuji, and finally sightsee in Tokyo before either heading home or resting after such an eventful tour!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Osaka (2 days)
  2. Kyoto (2 days)
  3. Kanazawa (2 days)
  4. Shirakawa-go (1 day)
  5. Takayama (1 day)
  6. Nagano (1 day)
  7. Matsumoto (1 day)
  8. Mount Fuji (1 day)
  9. Gotemba Premium Outlets and Hakone (1 day)
  10. Tokyo (2 days)

4. Ancient Trails of Japan by Unique Japan Tours

Okay, now this tour is something special because it really does take you off-the-beaten-path. The first half of the tour is your standard offering of Tokyo, Fuji, and Kyoto, but it’s the second half that truly sets it apart. Rather than heading to another major city, you’ll turn south to visit the Kii Peninsula and take a walk through the World Heritage Pilgrimage Route, before relaxing at Kawayu Onsen.

Your adventure continues on to Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine and Kii Katsuura; a beautiful Pagoda near a waterfall. Towards the end of the trip, you’ll visit Tsumago and Magome, where you’ll step back in time to a world before gadgets, internet, and even cars. Before returning to Tokyo you’ll soak in one last onsen to relax your sore muscles after so much walking and hiking.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko (1 day)
  3. Kyoto (3 days)
  4. Kumano Kodo (2 days)
  5. Kii Katsuura (1 day)
  6. Nagoya (1 day)
  7. Tsumago and Magome (2 days)
  8. Back to Tokyo (2 days)

5. Discover Japan by G Adventures

If you’ve been reading the other 14-day tours up to this point then you’ll know what each city on this itinerary has to offer. Tokyo, Kanazawa, Takayama, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Kawaguchiko are all on the docket, and while the destinations don’t offer anything particularly unique, what sets this tour apart is it’s exceptionally professional and knowledgeable guides and excellent customer service.

Which, for anyone who has gone on guided tours before, you know isn’t always a given. This tour also offers a number of optional excursions, some free and some paid, to further customize your experience.

We personally love this one as it’s a well-paced offering 2 days at each destination.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Tokyo (2 days)
  2. Kanazawa (2 days)
  3. Takayama (2 days)
  4. Hiroshima (2 days)
  5. Kyoto (2 days)
  6. Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko (2 days)
  7. Back to Tokyo (2 days)

Best Japan Tour Package for Active Travelers

Japan Tour Package active
Seiganto-ji and Nachi Waterfall in Wakayama

Traveling to Japan and taking advantage of the plethora of outdoor activities available to you is my personal favorite way to experience this country. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or taking some time out on the water, Japan’s natural beauty beats anything you can find in the city.

These tours, however, allow for both. Spend some time experiencing city life in Japan, and contrast it to the laid back rural towns and villages. It’s hard to go wrong here.

Here are our recommended package tours to Japan for active travelers:

1. 13-Day Japan Winter Wonder with 4 Days Skiing by Contiki

Visiting Japan during the winter months may seem like a bad idea, but it’s actually our second favorite time of year to travel here. The lines are shorter, the skies are clearer and, if you can deal with the cold, there are tons of winter events to experience.

This tour package takes advantage of the season because many of the tourist hotspots on this list are far less populated this time of year, leading to a more enjoyable experience, in our opinion. Plus, it has the added benefit of a ski trip to Hakuba, one of the world’s top skiing destinations!

New to skiing? Take a couple of lessons with an experienced instructor. Already a Pro? Cut loose and take full advantage of the day. These four days are yours to do with what you please on the slopes, so go nuts!

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Osaka (2 days)
  2. Kyoto (2 days)
  3. Hiroshima (2 days)
  4. Hakone (1 day)
  5. Tokyo (2 days)
  6. Hakuba (3 days)
  7. Tokyo (1 day)

2. 13-day Japan, Hike, Bike, and Kayak by G Adventures

For the triathletes among you, this tour allows you to experience a road far less traveled as you make your way towards Tokyo, visiting as many off-the-beaten-path landmarks as possible in between.

Hongu Taisha Shrine, Katsuura, Wakayama Castle, Ikeuchi Jima, and Matsuyama are just a few of the places you’ll see along the way to Hiroshima, before boarding the bullet train to Tokyo and a well-deserved rest.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Osaka (1 day)
  2. Chikatsuyu (1 day)
  3. Katsuura (1 day)
  4. Wakayama (1 day)
  5. Kyoto (2 days)
  6. Onomichi (1 day)
  7. Ikuchijima (1 day)
  8. Matsuyama (1 day)
  9. Hiroshima (2 days)
  10. Tokyo (2 days)

3. 11-Day Cycle Japan by Intrepid Travel

Bicycles are a regular fixture on Japanese roads, so traveling Japan by bike is about as authentic a way to see it as any. It should go without saying, but be sure you’re in good cycling shape before attempting this tour as you’ll be riding for hundreds of miles with varying degrees of difficulty.

From Kyoto, you’ll travel north to the Noto Peninsula to ride along the stunning coastline while stopping off in the charming villages along the way. Your ride will end in Anamizu, where you’ll take a well-deserved soak in the Wakura onsen before boarding a train the next day to Tokyo and the end of your adventure.

Destination itinerary summary:

  1. Kyoto (2 days)
  2. Nara (1 day)
  3. Kanazawa (1 day)
  4. Noto Peninsula (4 days)
  5. Tokyo (3 days)

As you can see Japan’s travel industry is booming right now, and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Many of these tour options are offering discounts of up to 30%, so take advantage of these prices while you can, because it’s only going to get more expensive the closer we get to the Olympics!

If you enjoyed this article, why not check out some of our other stuff? Learn the do’s and don’ts of Japan here, or book your hotel for Tokyo 2020 here.

Best Japan Tour Package for Foodies

Ichiran Ramen
Ichiran Ramen

Japan Real Food Adventure by Intrepid

from US$5,000

or check the current prices here.

✅ Best for families and foodies.
✅ Only accepts guests 15 and above (or contact agent).

If you’re anything like my husband, then food is the main attraction of any trip. Japan Real Food Adventure offers this and so much more.

From bustling city-center of Tokyo to a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Japan, you’ll take in the sights, tastes, and aromas of the Japanese culture on a trip you won’t soon forget!

Features Highlights:

  • Includes 11 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 5 dinners, along with samples of food along the way.
  • Visit the famous Tsukiji outer market and sample the freshest sushi from the source.
  • Taste some of the most delicious beef in the world in Takayama.
  • Visit the Omicho market in Kanazawa and take part in a sweets-making class.
  • Show off your own cooking skills during the traditional Obanzai Ryori class.
  • Experience the daily routine of a Buddhist monk during an overnight stay in Koyasan, a center for
  • religious practice for over 1,200 years.
  • Take a walk through a tea field and learn about the history and cultural importance of Japanese tea.

A word about the lodging: This tour has some accommodations which you may find (particularly westerners) either incredible or unacceptable, depending on your own personal preference.

This includes 2-nights at traditional Japanese ryokans with shared bathrooms/toilets and many rules, and one night at a Japanese monastery, wherein the only bathing facilities are traditional public baths.

The operator says that some accommodations may be changed in certain circumstances if you contact them about your concerns.[/su_note]


  • One of the most expensive tours on this list, but regularly offers sales. Hint: If the price went down below US$5,000 then book it!
  • The accommodations are a bit average, but one of the hotels offered on this tour (Hotel Green in Takayama) is a bit hit or miss with travelers. I suggest reading reviews of the hotel and contacting the tour agency about any concerns.
  • Once the tour starts you will have very little time to explore Tokyo and Kyoto, so I suggest booking a couple of extra days if you want to see more of the cities.

Read All Reviews

Best Japan Cherry Blossom Package Tour

Beautiful Cherry blossoms in maizuru castle park

The essence of Spring by Japan Deluxe Tours

from US$3,878

or check the current prices here.

✅ Best for families with small kids and slow-paced travelers.

Japanese cherry blossom or sakura is one of the biggest tourist draws to the country, and this tour allows you to experience this incredible sight in 7 popular viewing locations.

The tour runs from March 17th – April 28th and repeats annually. These dates fall within the prime sakura blooming season and guarantee breathtaking views of these short-lived pink petals.

This is a 9-day tour starting from the day you step foot into Japan. From Tokyo, you’ll head to popular cities such as Hakone, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, along with some lesser-known places where you’ll visit castles, temples, and onsens, all while keeping the picturesque cherry blossoms center stage during your tour.

Featured Highlights:

  • Cherry blossom centric tours.
  • Daily breakfast buffets, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners.
  • Airport pick-up from both Narita and Haneda.
  • Includes tours of the Tsukiji fish market, Asakusa, and Harajuku.
  • Relax in an onsen (Japanese public bath) in Hakone.
  • Includes shinkansen (bullet train) ride.
  • Tour of historic Kyoto, including the Golden Pavilion, Bamboo Grove, and experience a Maiko dinner.
  • Visit other places including Himeji Castle, Miyajima Island, and the Peace Park memorial.


  • Other major attractions, such as Disneyland isn’t included, so you’ll need to pay for them separately if you want to visit them.
  • Cherry blossom season is also generally the start of the rainy season in Japan, so the weather may work against you.
  • Cherry blossom season is also the most popular tourism season for Japan, so expect millions (yes, millions) of people moving visiting the city at the same time looking for the same photos.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best Japan tour package for you is fairly simple: Know what you want to see and go from there. If you still need help on which tour package is best for you, please leave your comment below.

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  1. Madam Sir i belong from pakistan Sir we are five friends we want to apply for japan tourist visa For that we need a travel plan The Japan Embassy in Pakistan is in Islamabad, it has a requirement. so please tell me How much will we get this plan for

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