UPDATE: Japan is considering opening its borders for foreign tourists in April 2021 on a trial basis as a preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year. However this has yet to be confirmed by the government. For latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) advisory information for Japan travel, please visit the official website of Japan National Tourism Organization or JNTO.

How to Choose the Best Japan Package Vacation and Book it Right Now

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There are hundreds of Japan package tours available to choose from online through various websites. As a traveler, you can certainly find some great deals through these sites and book directly with them, however, there are many Japan travel packages offered by reputable tour operators that cannot be found through these means.

This is where we come in.

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Your safety is our number one priority. We will only match you with package tours by tour operators that are reputable and reliable, bonded and insured, accredited, and recognized by larger travel industries and organizations around the world.

If simply looking for the lowest possible cost is your main priority, and quality or service are not important factors, then perhaps we are not the right Japan Advisors for you. (Click here if you want to plan your own trip).

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