Blogging Resources

Curious how we started this blog?

Soon, we will create a full tutorial on how to start your own sweet blog. Stay tuned. For now, we list down all the products we have used in the past and the services we currently use.


WordPress: If you want to get serious about blogging and try start making additional income, I recommend that you start with a self-hosted blog. Being self-hosted allows you to access your blog’s backend features such as plugin installation and advanced theme customization. There are now several hosting companies which offer WordPress hosting, so I’ll be listing some of my top recommendations that you may want to consider when launching your first for-money blog.


Bluehost: Bluehost hosting is low-cost at $3.95 a month and it’s a great investment for beginners or passion bloggers who are just starting out and want to gain some experience. You may be discouraged by the monthly fee when you’re just starting out but just think that $4 a month investment is less than the grande latte you had with lunch. And besides, just like with any business, if you’re really looking to start out in this field, you’re going to need to spend money to make money.

Siteground: This hosting site is great for established bloggers who decide to get a bit more serious. I personally moved to the SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan at $11.95 a month to accommodate more traffic and make my blog load faster when it had outgrown Bluehost. I was very impressed with SiteGround when my blog was still hosted by them. They have outstanding customer support and provide free site transfer services from your old blog host.

DigitalOcean: As your blog traffic continues to grow, so will you need to eventually need to change hosting sites, and DigitalOcean was the next step for me. DigitalOcean was a more advanced hosting site which I actually learned through my brother, who is a game developer. It’s the hosting site his small business uses, making it a pretty powerful web hosting site. The only downside is that it’s very advanced and requires basic knowledge of terminal applications such as SSH PuTTY, as it doesn’t come with cPanel; unlike Siteground and Bluehost. Currently, I have the $20 a month Droplet plan, which is fast and powerful enough to accommodate my current blog traffic.

Domain name

Namecheap: Domain name is a .com website. (i.e. I used to buy my domain names with, but after discovering Namecheap, I moved all of my domain names to them because of their website’s easy user navigation, cheaper domain renewals at $10 a year, and excellent customer support. I also bought my SSL certificate (to make my website secure from HTTP:// to https://) through them. I’ve been very happy with the services I got so far.

Theme Customization

Genesis Framework: This is optional, however, for me, having a WordPress framework like Genesis is necessary. Genesis Framework is a powerful type of WordPress theme that improves your site’s security, speed, and SEO.

StudioPress Themes: Their themes are a perfect match if your blog is using Genesis Framework. This makes sense, considering that it’s created by the same developers. There are many WordPress frameworks available but I recommend using both Genesis and StudioPress above the rest because of non-bloated codes (founded by a minimalist). All of my other blogs run with Genesis Framework and a theme from StudioPress and customized by my web designer sister.